Thursday, January 01, 2009

The year that was and the year that will be!

2008 has come to an end! The highlight of 2008 was getting my mech engg degree!! yo yo yo! Well i also completed 21. But that was obviously gonna happen as i was born in 1987. I started my career as a writer with this blog. I have lived the south indian dream in Bangalore in 2008. And the list is endless! The moment of the year in general was the Bush shoe throwing incident!

So welcome 2009!! No new years resolutions! I feel they never work as they are usually unnecessary or unrealistic and hence are usually broken within days. But here I am breaking my resolution of not making resolutions within seconds. So my resolutions for 2009! I'll go in ascending order of difficulty. First an easy one. Well i want to complete 22 years of age! [:D] Make a discovery, not on discovery channel but on Nat Geo. Write 50 posts on my blog with 50% reservation for serious stuff. Too much crap ain't gonna get me anywhere. Get a break in sandalwood. I think namma golden star is having it too easy with all the ladies! Get a physique like Aamir Khan. I am tired of being the reflection of perfection. I wanna be perfection itself! And last, to get a chick! [:P]

Thank you 2008! And welcome 2009! Its gonna be 365 days of legendary stuff!!


  1. Last one never figures in the scheme of thing of perfectionists. :D

  2. Aha!! Daannny after a Chick.!! Common guys we should help him out with that.. :) btw.. i thought 27% was the magic number for reservations! how did u arrive at 50% ?? I demand an enquiry.!


  4. Good one shiv!
    N Dany m really surprised with that statement about chick!
    I thought u had turned into a vegetarian, as a protest against global warming! :P

  5. looks like the 'chick issue' is the only point that caught everyone's attention!!