Thursday, May 29, 2008


The other day I ws waiting at d bus stop.. For a bus.. :P A bright pink bus with yellow flowers all over pulled to a stop.. Some loud massy music ws blaring frm d inside.. I stepped in the theatre or the bus rather.. The conductor ws shouting kaluny (its colony I later learnt) oprada ( dats O-Farm in reality) karude.. Finally after revving the engine fr a full 5 minutes, d bus started moving.. it ws jam packed.. I decided to watch the movie.. its ws bloody.. some fight ws goin.. I didn’t knw who were d gud guys or d bad guys.. dey all appeared same.. dere ws bloodshed all around.. it ws depressing.. so I started lookin at my co passengers. Suddenly my eyes looked wid a gal who ws lookin at me.. I guess I ws staring at her absently (I swear!!) She adjusted her duppatta all shy n self conscious ( ala BITSGian chicks!!) I quickly looked away.. else I might hv been arrested fr visual molestation ( wateva dat is) Meanwhile the movie continued n another 100 guys died… The conductor came 2 collect d fare.. and invariable he asked fr ondu (one) rupee more no matter d amount u gave him.. All u hv to do is look at him dumbly.. n he leaves quietly.. Meanwhile the bus driver ws using every bhp of d engine 2 its max..I guess he ws a force Bangalore driver.. Speed breakers were back breakers.. Suddenly golden star made his appearance in the movie.. N evrythin ws romantic frm then on.. even the atmosphere in d bus calmed.. I got a place to sit.. Golden star ws at his best.. now I knw y all d gals like him.. he is so smart n cooooool.. I ws so engrossed in d movie dat I missed my stop.. (:P) I got off in a hurry.. now I had 2 catch a bus back.. I saw another mass coming.. I quickly ran to catch it..

Praise be to God..

This post was prompted by the severe pain I was suffering from at by knee joint for the last one week.. After the 10k run, my knees haven’t been in the best shape. I think I m growin old.. (:P) I couldn’t walk properly nor could I play TT.. N stairs were a big no!! It ws torture.. I then realized how lucky I ws.. how much God has blessed me by making me an able bodied person.. wen I saw other ppl limping like me I said a silent prayer of thanks to the Lord for making me perfect.. My limp ws only temporary.. its almost fine now.. but our disabled friends have to bear the pain n discomfort throughout their lives.. Imagine how tuff dat must be.. So my dear friends praise God and use the gifts He has given you to the fullest and for the best.. And never ever look down upon ne1 who is not as fortunate as you..

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dee Aye Ass See O

For those who didn’t follow what the title means, I’ll give you another clue. Bangalore, where I am currently doing my PS-II, is well known for it. Everyone, on knowing that I am in Bangalore, asks me whether I have been to one yet. Yes, you guessed it right, its DISCO. I hadn't been to one in Bangalore yet, and had also not been under one yet in BITS. For those who didn’t get my sad joke, the latter disco I am referring to is the disciplinary committee in BITS.

Such an important occasion of my life started rather abruptly with no prior preparations. Not an ideal start I must say. My friend called me up to tell me about the plan just when I was leaving my office one Friday evening. I was dead tired. No, not from the hectic work of PS-II, which is very relaxing by the way, but from my hour-long gym session. However, I agreed readily thinking it was a great opportunity to break my disco-trips-duck.

I rushed home to get ready. Now I was faced with a big dilemma of what I was going to wear. Shirt? Nopes, too formal. T-Shirt. Nah, cause I only had BITS t-shirts. Boy aren’t there many of them!! Not that it’s a crime to wear a BITS t-shirt to a disco. But I guess a t-shirt from an engineering college doesn’t make a good impression at a disco. So finally I settled for a plain shirt.

I rushed to meet my fellow party animals. All were dressed in their ‘Friday best’. We were very excited. We practiced our dancing so that we wouldn’t look like novices. The only steps we knew well were the mass steps we did in our Zephyr dance. (click here and here to view the videos) There was lightening in the sky when we left the house. I smiled. Not because I thought that someone was taking my picture to capture the moment for posterity. I smiled thinking about how even the rain gods were playing their part in getting us into the mood with a dazzling display of lights. We didn’t have a chauffeur driven limousine to take us to the disco. So we settled for a BMTC bus. The bus was quite long and it had a driver. Some similarities to the limousine there. [:P]

Off we were on our historic trip. We couldn’t wait to get there and in our excitement we got off at an earlier stop. So we had a long walk to warm us up for some serious dancing to fast paced music. Finally we reached our destination. You should have seen the sheer delight in our eyes. The sign that said OXYGEN in brilliant blue neon lights mesmerized all of us. We quickly paid for the passes and entered.

The room was dark and smelt of stale cigarette smoke. Severe lack of oxygen despite the name. I could make out the silhouettes of people sitting at tables. There was a huge LCD TV on a wall. And some ‘shas bahu’ serial was going on Sony TV. Hold on mate!!! Was this a disco or some family restaurant? A major anti climax I must say. I was expecting some steamy videos to be running. The dance floor was empty. No one was dancing. And the DJ was playing some sad music like a moron. We moved into the next room hoping for something better. It appeared like a gambling den. Some weird guys and not so weird gals were sitting in some, to put it mildly, unusual positions. I was flabbergasted. So this is what a disco is eh? A family room and a gambling den. I decided to drown my sorrows with alcohol. I looked at the menu card. The prices were prohibitive. So I settled for a bottle of Kingfisher Strong Beer. I sincerely hoped that the king of good times would rescue me from this bad time.

The beer combined with the smoke lightened my head. I wanted to dance. I felt it was the time to disco!! My fellow dejected party pals agreed. I went and told the DJ, “Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on, I want to dance with my baby!!!” Quoting Madonna there from one of her hit songs. The DJ looked around searching for my baby. I gave him a stare and said, “In the end it doesn’t even matter…. If I have a baby or not!!!” He must have thought either I was a hardcore music fan or more likely I was totally zonked. I left him with a final statement “Please don’t stop the music.”

By then many people had come onto the dance floor. I did all my AH2 dance performance steps. All the people were looking at us with admiring looks. Ah, all the attention we were getting gave us a heady feeling. I almost expected some of them to ask us for autographs. One drunken dude came up to us and told us we weren’t dancing properly to Shakira’s ‘hips don’t lie’. He said he would teach us and we learnt some very complex Latino steps. I never knew I could dance like that. Then there was this group of Ranbir Kapoor impersonators. Unfortunately for everyone no Sawariya songs were played and we didn't witness the towel scene!! [:P]. And there was this very romantic couple that danced waltz when the DJ was playing rock music!! I guess besides being blind, love is deaf too.

Sometime, while dancing a little too enthusiastically to Koi Kahe, I slapped a guy by mistake. Luckily he didn’t realize what had hit him. I quickly looked the other way not wanting to leave the place on a stretcher. As time wore on the dance floor got a little too packed for liking. We couldn’t dance freely. We decided to leave when we could shake it no more.

No sooner we left the disco it began to pour. We tried to run for shelter but then thought, why bother? This was our first disco visit and we may well enjoy every bit of it. Bangalore’s party circuit just had some very cool members added to it. Some years down the line I’ll remember this day and many other days and say to myself, “those were the best days of my life”.

I wrote dis article for the college magazine BITSAM.


The other day I was thinking wat makes ppl cool.. 1st I wanna ask is it gud 2 b hot or cool?? Coz according to the laws of thermodynamics a body cant b hot n cool!!! I wud prefer 2 b cool as it sounds cool.. So wat makes ppl cool?? Do u need 2 say “ I m a cool dude man” to be cool?? Or like d other day, on a hot summer morning, a guy entered d bus wearing a leather jacket over a woolen long sleeved pullover!!! Now I guess he ws a cool dude who ws trying his best 2 insulate himself frm d warm surroundings!! Wat bout a gal who ws trying 2 talk wid a bmtc bus conductor in english!! Dat too wid a fake accent!! Then there is romesh powar wid his orange specs!!! Or himesh wid his cap!! Or rajni kant wid his ‘phuck phuck’ moves.. N d list is endless.. So how does one become cool?? 1st step is to think u r cool.. if u hv d cool attitude half d work is done!! U shud think where dere is faith dere is no fear!!! Or honesty is d best policy!! ( wat connection??) Next step some cool clothes wid some bright accessories.. A gud fake accent wid shud sound fake.. I guess dats it!!! N lo n behold a cooldude is born!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Which causes more greenhouse gas emissions, rearing cattle or driving cars? Surprise!!! According to a new report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the livestock sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalent – 18 percent – than transport. It is also a major source of land and water degradation.

The above paragraph is frm an article by the United Nations.. You can read the full articles from the following links..

Greenhouse gases coz global warming n all the associated climate extremes that v r seeing 2day.. It’s a major coz for all the droughts around the world which r driving millions of poor ppl 2 starvation.. It’s the major coz of all those devastating floods that destroys livelihoods of millions of ppl.. It’s a major coz of deadly tropical storms which even brought the greatest nation on earth, the USA, to its knees.. Glaciers r melting, lakes r drying n sea levels r rising.. N wat r v doing?? Nothing.. Our only home in this whole wide universe is dying!! N yet v sit tight doing nothing.. How can v be so inconsiderate to our fellow human beings and our future generations? Humans are supposed 2 b the intelligent animals.. But I wud be ashamed if a lion or a tiger wud ask me to justify our actions.. Is there ne justification?? For all those skeptics of global warming, I suggest u watch Al Gore’s movie, THE INCONVINIENT TRUTH. It shud effectively clear all the doubts frm ur minds..

N then there r some ppl who think others will do smth.. all those NGOs will do smth.. Another class of ppl say dat v hv only one life on dis planet.. so y waste it by leading a conservative lifestyle?? I guess its becoz of such ppl that v r facing natures wrath 2day.. The time has come my friends to make a stand.. a stand fr nature.. I m nt suggesting u leave ur jobs n start leaving in a jungle, or stop using all modern amenities.. Jus start reducing.. Reduce ur non veg component of ur diet fr instance.. or using public transport more.. stuff like dat..

Another reason 2 stop eating non veg, besides the environmental aspect, is the food crisis.. Land use 2 grow food crops is now being used to grow fodder.. N that led to the food crisis of 2day.. U r feeding the food that poor ppl only dream of to livestock.. isn’t dat inhumane?? The conversation efficiency of a plant crop to animal meat is bout 9%.. That means if u feed 100kg of food crop 2 livestock u ll get only 9kg of meat.. wat a colossal waste!!! N factor in the miserable condition of the livestock.. I guess ne person with some sense wud resolve to stop eating non veg food..

I have effectively stopped eating non veg from all livestock.. dat includes chicken, eggs, beef, pork etc.. I eat fish sometimes.. But I ll stop dat also in due course of time as over fishing causes damage to marine environment.. I find it really hard.. I ws a hardcore non veg.. the transition ws tuff.. But the thought dat I m doing smth fr d environment drives me on..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

greatest scene ever!!

Best mass movie seen ever!!!

This scene even beats the tractor wheelie or the sliding horse scene!!! Hero is one man army ( as usual).. he is fighting 1027 villains at a time.. yeah I counted.. one villain decides to give him a flying spear move.. ( even wwe stars wud b ashamed if dey saw it).. Villain is in d air, flying towards hero’s back.. hero jus nonchalantly ( m studying gre) plucks him from mid air… swings him around n sends him flying on a cart full of some green bottles.. don knw wat it ws doin dere.. neways the cart flips n all d bottles fly into the air.. n each bottle falls on a villain’s head and bout 100 villains r dead in a flash!!! Wat entertainment!!! If ne1 knws d movie I m describing plzzzzzz post the name in the comments section..


Importance of FANS!!!

Well I am not talking bout those rotating 3 blade objects very much needed to beat the summer heat.. Great joke to start of with!! Yo yo.. I am talking bout fans that wikipedia describes as ppl who hv an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking of a sporting club, person, group of persons, company, product, work of art, idea, or trend. I am talking bout fans of persons. Great ppl like Golden Star G (Shame on u if u don knw him), Swapnil Asnodkar ( I’ll kick ur butt if u don knw him also), Himesh ( ah!! His name itself is melodious!!), SHAKTIMAAN ( our own super hero!! Sorry shaktimann) etc are gr8 coz of their fans.. They may hv achieved a lot in their illustrious careers, but wats d use if ppl don idolize them for their achievements?? Dats y I wanna thank all my fans, past, present and future, for all their help n support in making me d gr8 person I m 2day.. Fans keep me goin wenever I feel down n things aint goin my way.. So much so that they convinced me 2 start a blog. I used 2 always wonder y ppl blog.. wat do they get frm it.. Now I myself hv joined the blogging world.. Y?? u may ask.. Coz of my fans ofcourse.. They said that the world who doesn’t yet knw of the gr8 one ( dats me) should be enlightened n join the revolution.. So finally I m here.. Join my fanclub.. join the revolution..

The Beginning

Please welcome the reflection of perfection Danny into the blogging world!!! Fans (:D) and critics alike can now now read bout the great thoughts and deeds of the self proclaimed cool dude!! I wont get into full time blabbering on the 1st day itself.. So here goes.....