Wednesday, May 21, 2008

greatest scene ever!!

Best mass movie seen ever!!!

This scene even beats the tractor wheelie or the sliding horse scene!!! Hero is one man army ( as usual).. he is fighting 1027 villains at a time.. yeah I counted.. one villain decides to give him a flying spear move.. ( even wwe stars wud b ashamed if dey saw it).. Villain is in d air, flying towards hero’s back.. hero jus nonchalantly ( m studying gre) plucks him from mid air… swings him around n sends him flying on a cart full of some green bottles.. don knw wat it ws doin dere.. neways the cart flips n all d bottles fly into the air.. n each bottle falls on a villain’s head and bout 100 villains r dead in a flash!!! Wat entertainment!!! If ne1 knws d movie I m describing plzzzzzz post the name in the comments section..


  1. very true indeed. I totally agree with you. If every citizen contributes in his own small way, i think we can tackle the electricity problem in the country. And coming back to your mass movie description, its worth noting that if we keep our AC at 22 degrees, we can save enough electricity to power a blast furnace for 23 seconds. Just imagine how much aluminium can be produced in those 23 seconds and how many more fuel efficient (pun intended) SUVs we can make out of that. Keep blogging danny, u give people reason to introspect, extrospect, circumspect and respect. Congrats. Keep blogging

  2. Hey, there are some more scenes... I dont know if u have seen it...

    Scene 1:

    Hero is being tortured by the police. After futile attempts to trouble him, maul him, hurt him, they try to use electric shock. The rods are placed on his head... He vibrates... concentrates and lo and behold... the fuse melts. He smugly replies " Touching me will give a shock to the current..." .. Hmm...And we still learn Kirchoff's laws!!!

    Scene 2:

    Same hero. Action Scene
    Villains with a gun. Hero unarmed. Shoots him. The bullet hits him, rebounds and kills the villain... Now this is called unarmed protest! :)



  5. i knw dese r vijay kanths stunts!