Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Importance of FANS!!!

Well I am not talking bout those rotating 3 blade objects very much needed to beat the summer heat.. Great joke to start of with!! Yo yo.. I am talking bout fans that wikipedia describes as ppl who hv an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking of a sporting club, person, group of persons, company, product, work of art, idea, or trend. I am talking bout fans of persons. Great ppl like Golden Star G (Shame on u if u don knw him), Swapnil Asnodkar ( I’ll kick ur butt if u don knw him also), Himesh ( ah!! His name itself is melodious!!), SHAKTIMAAN ( our own super hero!! Sorry shaktimann) etc are gr8 coz of their fans.. They may hv achieved a lot in their illustrious careers, but wats d use if ppl don idolize them for their achievements?? Dats y I wanna thank all my fans, past, present and future, for all their help n support in making me d gr8 person I m 2day.. Fans keep me goin wenever I feel down n things aint goin my way.. So much so that they convinced me 2 start a blog. I used 2 always wonder y ppl blog.. wat do they get frm it.. Now I myself hv joined the blogging world.. Y?? u may ask.. Coz of my fans ofcourse.. They said that the world who doesn’t yet knw of the gr8 one ( dats me) should be enlightened n join the revolution.. So finally I m here.. Join my fanclub.. join the revolution..