Monday, May 26, 2008


The other day I was thinking wat makes ppl cool.. 1st I wanna ask is it gud 2 b hot or cool?? Coz according to the laws of thermodynamics a body cant b hot n cool!!! I wud prefer 2 b cool as it sounds cool.. So wat makes ppl cool?? Do u need 2 say “ I m a cool dude man” to be cool?? Or like d other day, on a hot summer morning, a guy entered d bus wearing a leather jacket over a woolen long sleeved pullover!!! Now I guess he ws a cool dude who ws trying his best 2 insulate himself frm d warm surroundings!! Wat bout a gal who ws trying 2 talk wid a bmtc bus conductor in english!! Dat too wid a fake accent!! Then there is romesh powar wid his orange specs!!! Or himesh wid his cap!! Or rajni kant wid his ‘phuck phuck’ moves.. N d list is endless.. So how does one become cool?? 1st step is to think u r cool.. if u hv d cool attitude half d work is done!! U shud think where dere is faith dere is no fear!!! Or honesty is d best policy!! ( wat connection??) Next step some cool clothes wid some bright accessories.. A gud fake accent wid shud sound fake.. I guess dats it!!! N lo n behold a cooldude is born!!!

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