Friday, January 16, 2009

My crusade against environmental degradation (cont..)

For those of who who haven't read all my blog posts so far, (I DON'T KNOW HOW THAT IS POSSIBLE!!! [:D]) I must mention that I deeply care about the environment. I am gonna talk about the environmentally friendly practices i follow in my everyday life. And I think that my reader's can also try to do the same and earn some green credits!!

Well I stopped eating chicken, eggs, beef etc a few months back because animal husbandry is a major contributor to global warming, For details read the post, SAY NO TO NON VEG FOODS. I eat fish though. But to make a long story short, I tell people I have turned vegetarian. The first thing most people comment is that the reason of my conversion may be because i have got a veg GF. I say to myself, if only people could open their minds a little bit and realize that guys can do things without always being forced by their GF's! And more importantly how can they assume a guy like me might have a GF!! But i must say that it does feel good that people think that i might have a GF. Nice!!

I also got a bicycle recently and use it to commute to IISc everyday. Whenever I tell anyone that I have got a cycle they either exclaim "what is wrong with you??" and start laughing or make some comment like yeah it saves money or can't you afford the expensive petrol now. Very few people think I may be doing it for the environment. Anyways the other day I was riding my cycle to IISc when I saw this hot chick standing alone at the bus stop. I slammed on the brakes.. Crrrrrhh.. And i came to stop in front of her with a neat skid. "Want a lift to wherever you are goin?" I asked and then realized that I was on my cycle!! There wasn't any undo button to click on!! I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself!! I smiled at her sheepishly and said "how dumb can a guy get." Surprisingly she said "No, i think its great that you use a cycle instead of those fuel guzzling sports bikes, Even I use my bicycle when i have to go somewhere nearby. And you look quite cool on that bicycle!" The latter part goes without saying of course!! [:D] So guys, you see, intelligent girls appreciate cycling!! So pick up those "chick magnets" and Laila ko kare impress ala minto fresh!! That was story was straight from dollywood!! (D for Daniel!! [:P])

On a serious note, i have observed one thing at most retails shops. No one ever carries a cloth bag to the shop. All purchases are carried home in fresh plastic bags every time!! I carry some old bag with me every time i go to the shop. So wen the person is billing my purchases i dig into my pocket for the bag and i get all weird expressions from the people. Speacially from the billing person himself. Maybe thats because sometimes i carry a bag of some rival shop!! Sometimes i just hope shaktimaan would come to reliance fresh and say to the customer, "tehero!!! plastic bag lena galath bath hai!!" and then continue with his "bachon, mein aksar dekta hoon ki blah blah blah!"

And so my struggles continue. I know i am one lone soul (lunatic?) fighting for the environment among countless other souls who don't give a damn and I know some optimists will encourage me to continue by saying that every drop makes the mighty ocean while some pessimists will ask what difference a drop of fresh water makes in a salty ocean. That doesn't bother me. I know deep within my heart that at least i, myself, am making an effort to fight one of the biggest ills plaguing mankind today and that is environmental degradation. And i m happy!!


  1. did the bus stop thing actually happen or u just made it up for making your blog poular?? but ya good going...keep cycling :)

  2. Go Danny!

    I remember that treatise you gave me at the Merc Annual day.

    And 'no meat, only fish' - spoken just like a Goan vegetarian :-)


  3. Go Danny!
    I still remember that treatise you gave me at Merc's annual day. :-)

    "No meat, only pheesh" - spoken like a true Goan vegetarian :-)!

  4. yesterday, on the net, was reading tips to reduce global warming.. one suggestion was, " dry ur clothes on a line, rather than a dryer". That is where the US stands.. I wonder where India is moving.. :|

  5. @nalini.. dont question d authenticity! my aim is to keep the readers happy!

    @rohit.. i ll try 2 stop fish after a whie.. didnt want to switch 2 complete veg from hardcore non veg..

    @punky.. if u ask an indian dat he will say america is still way ahead in CO2 emissions.. we wanna copy everythin frm d west.. the good, bad and ugly!