Thursday, October 30, 2008

Stray thoughts on Diwali celebrations in Bangalore

A few stray thoughts bout the festival of lights that was celebrated over the past few days.. I have to say that the festival of lights has certainly become a festival of noise and smoke.. I got a feeling i was living in Iraq with all the 'bombing' around me.. Tradition seems to have taken a back seat with hardly ne lamps and akash diyas around.. Jus noise, smoke and some more noise.. If i had a chance to be deaf once a year, i wud certainly choose Diwali time..

I have learnt to appreciate the beauty of silence after this episode. I never knew it wud be so wonderful to experience silence. I like the pictures of Diwali which showed calm n serene lamps arranged in beautiful patterns and was hoping to see them for real for the first time this year. But all i got was boom boom boom.

I asked one guy here at IISc as to why people burst bombs and make noise during Diwali. He said to express their joy. I said to myself, its a blessing that these people dont feel happy too often!! A last observation.. I noticed that the people who burst crackers and bombs close their ears, and sometimes even eyes, tightly after they light the fuse. I wonder what joy u get by making noise and nt listening to it urself. Its like goin fr a mime show or an art exibition and closing your eyes!!

Anyways its all over now.. Bangalore has returned back to normal and I am at peace..

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