Monday, October 20, 2008

Karzzzz -- You will pay this debt wid your life!!!

Movie Review

Guess who's back, back again??? Himesh!!!! the legend of bollywood is back!! After his blockbuster debut movie, Aap Ka Suroor - The real love story, Himesh has proved to be a real talent in having the audience in splits within minutes with his acting and dialogs in Karzzzz.. I apologize to himesh bhai for not seeing the first day first show. But hey, the fun never sets when himesh settles debts (pun intended)

I paid homage to himesh's new movie Karzzzz, which supposedly had the tag line Vengeance Is Back, at Lido mall on saturday nite.. N boy was it the best 3 hrs of my life for a very long time. Himesh's acting and dialog delivery are mind boggling.. And the story line is full of suspense that i was on the edge of the seat for most of the 3 hrs.. I didnt c the original Karzzzz mind u.. I could go on and on the awesomeness that is himesh!! But i don think i would do justice to this masterpiece by describing it in my blog. You have got 2 c it 2 beliv it..

However i'll still mention some of the 'cheeeaaaq' and 'ma ma mass' parts of the movie.. My personal favourite was the cool and awesome way himesh claps 2 open the safe.. That ws truely legendery.. Then there was the fight scene in which himesh takes off from a short run up.. 2012 medal propects there.. the costumes throughout the movie were..well.. masss.. I think govinda shud take a walk... n Urmila too had a sexy full golden outfit.. made here look like a character from Drona!! the scene wid 2 himesh's is a spiritual experience!! All the single guys out dere (including myself) shud tk coaching frm himesh fr flirting.. I m sure ne gal wud fall for such stuff.. the ice cream scene ws very romantic!! I mus also mention his constant sideways cool pocket maar (reference Vaibhav reviews) look.. No top view or front view.. only side view.. N looks like bcoz of the financial meltdown, himesh resorted to cost cutting measures in the make-up area.. A person supposed 2 b 25 yrs older 2 himesh looks younger than him.. or is it becoz our evergreen himesh is turning brown?? :P

Himesh is a gr8 self proclaimed dude.. the way the gals faint during his concerts, n how he proclaims himself 2 b a rock star.. N the dialog in which they say aap ka suroor was a super hit!! (holla holla to that!!) Besides himesh's dancing really inspires all aspiring dancers like me.. I must make a passing comment on the several successful attempts at comedy in the movie.. those were the only parts in the movie when i ws nt laughing!! :D

On the whole a gr8 all round performance by himesh.. 5 star rating by me!! And now a few points which point to the fact that i m the gr8est himesh fan of all time.. self proclaimed jus like my idol himesh!!
  • I was movie free since january( meaning i didnt go 2 cinema hall since jan) And i broke the run by goin for Karzzzz
  • Aap ka suroor is the only movie, hindi or english, that i have since more than 1.5 times. I have seen it 3 times for the record..
  • Himesh himself has acknowledge me in Karzzzz.. there is a chracter named Dr. Daniel in the movie.. (For those who have seen the movie, dont comment on this part!! )
All in all Himesh has really spiced up my miserable pre-himesh life!!!


  1. Your review is excellent(like Himesh..!) but you missed out the ultimate scene where he faints in Kenya on seeing the house... the expression on his face in that scene was mind boggling...and Karzzzz, if sent to oscars which I truly believe should happen, will win the award because of that scene alone...and lets all HOPE Karzzz and Himesh win the oscars..becoz...Where there is HOPE, there is NO FEAR..!!

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  3. HEY cool dude...
    2 good.. i knw u r hard-core himesh fan..
    and about the movie... the dialouges of "ma" were awesome.."like mera raja beta" and "mere laal"..and the special scenes are the one whr tina meets himesh 4 the 1st time.. himesh recalls his past life ... and der r lot many ...
    hey danny y dont u take ur gf on a date to this movie ... she will b really impressed by u ;)