Sunday, July 27, 2008

GRE=words+stupid words+crap+wtf+dumb formulae= madness!!!

The other day i ws pouring some milk fr myself n suddenly true to murphy's law my phone rang.. N dat distraction caused d milk 2 spill.. I ws angry wid d caller n wid d mess.. then i tot.."It is fruitless to become lachrymose of precipitately departed lactile fluid." Dont be stumped!! All dose who answered GRE will b able to decode dat crap!! For my frenz who r still sane n hv nt given GRE, its d old saying dont cry over spilt milk.. N i tot 2 myself.. how much d word lists have taken over my life.. the other day i told my house owner ws scolding his dog.. i said to him.. "It is fruitless to attempt to indoctrinate a superannuated canine with innovative maneuvers." ( You can't try to teach an old dog newtricks) He looked at me as though i spoke greek!!

Well dis is wat happens wen u hv to mug up 3500 words to study fr GRE.. an exam dat is used as a criterion fr admission to Engineering colleges in USA.. I must say its absolute torture.. why d hell is one supposed 2 knw dat pterodactyl was a flying dinosaur or animadversion means critical remark?? N the reading comprehensions tk d cake!! u get absolute nonsense on topics ranging from slavery in america to feminism in europe to god knows wat else!! It absolutely drives u crazy..

Then there is d math part.. now dis shud b an important part fr an engg entrance exam.. But wait.. most questions will b solved by ne 1oth std student!! things like list prime numbers between 20 and 30, or questions on pythogras theorem!! its hillarious to think dat dis exams is supposed 2 test ur math skills!!

Neways dere r jus 14days left fr my GRE.. then i ll never hv to go thru dis torture again!!!


  1. Thats why iam not giving GRE \m/

  2. Well..that reminds me of those spelling bee competitions we used to have at Loyola's...Once when the Tr. Lulitha asked for 'BEACH'..the prompt reply from the 9th class was 'B-I-T-C-H'!

    Anywayz all the best for your Graduate Record Exam :P Hope the TRW classes help u break the record..

  3. then Y THE FUKKKKK did u giv GRE...which is =words+stupid words+crap+wtf+dumb formulae= madness!!! u said......dumb fellowww...

  4. since u got such high marks it proves tht ya fit 4 such smart mad exams...neway u got such high marks bro so b happy.....