Monday, August 11, 2008

My journey in getting 1560 in GRE!! :D

Well it feels so gud 2 write dis posts with the title mentioning i got 1560!! yoyo .. bhari!!! :P A note to all my fans who read my blog.. This blog is mainly fr ppl who r interested in answering GRE.. But all r welcome 2 read..

My preps started in march.. I started so long back fr 2 reasons.. First my initial date ws July2.. But i had 2 change it as i wanted 2 change d venue.. Second was that i used 2 b at office for d full day.. So max i used 2 get 2 hrs per day.. I started my preps by doin word power made easy.. it helps coz its nt as dry as barrons n coz it teaches u roots of words.. Then came the marathon excercise of word lists.. It really took me a long time.. N its sooooo boring.. Neways my strategy ws that i 1st did all d word lists as they are in d book.. n noted down all d words i found difficult.. So i made my own shorter word list.. I did that for a while.. Till i felt i ws fully confident wid 95% of d words.. Then in started wid barrons exercises ( dose 4 chapters jus b4 d WL).. After that i did all big book tests.. they help u learn 2 apply d words u mugged up wid so much love!!! Then last i did kaplan tests only.. n powerprep.. Bottom line.. barrons is a must.. coz stone cold said so!!!

For quant it really depends on ur math skills.. i ws fairly confident i ws gud.. so i didnt do much.. barrons is gud fr basics.. i did nova fr d counting n probability part as i felt i ws weak dere.. N dere is dis pdf on d ets site which is gud.. Also it depends a gr8 deal on ur application on d spot..

So that sums up my preps in brief.. Hope it helps all dose aspiring fr a gr8 GRE score..


  1. hey congrats !! great score!!

  2. Kya Gyaaaan !!!! They should put this on ETS site!! No jokes!!! try gettin the info across so tat more people can benefit!!