Thursday, June 05, 2008

My future

Where do I see myself 20 yrs frm now.. Well I hope 2 c myself in many places besides the mirror in my bedroom.. (:P) Well I wanna graduate frm MIT n then become an astronaut wid NASA n see the earth frm a 100 miles above!!! But wat after dat?? Please don choke on ur coffee or fall of frm ur chair wen u read d next sentence.. I want to be a prof at BITS-Pilani… Goa Campus!!!

I always felt dat engineers who don get a decent job in d industry take to teaching..There r exceptions.. but dose r few n far apart.. And d result is, well, wat v hv in our colleges 2day.. So I feel I must b d change I want 2 c..

Wat kinda prof will Daniel be?? He will b the guy who absolutely detests formalities.. He will not be called Sir by d students.. Y not use ur first name?? He will have some entrance music played wen he enters d class.. (WWE style!!).. or rather a exit music in dis case as most students come 2 class 10 min late..3/4ths and sleeveless will b encouraged..( fr both boys n gals mind u..) All dose who sit on d 1st bench n try 2 lick d teachers will b punished by making them sit on d last bench wid d talkative students.. Videos of lectures will b put on LAN!!!

On a serious note, there many things I wanna change wid d current system.. Syllabus shud focus more on concepts then jus plain definitions n formulae.. all test shud b open book.. some tests shud also be answered in groups.. like how v hv some our assignments.. Also participation in national n international competitions will be encouraged.. Discussions on contemporary research n new inventions n discoveries will be held regularly.. Else v wonder y r v studying things discovered decades or centuries ago..

So here goes.. Get ready to welcome Prof Daniel at BPGC!!!! the future HOD of mech dept!!


  1. lol u'll be compared with the great guru singhru :D

  2. Waiting to see the Prof version of you man!! Better be good to the students!! U'l anyway be the best Mech HOD by far!! Thanks to the ppl who held the post before you!!

  3. Hail Prof. Danny... Our campus will then surpass MIT in research man!!!

  4. i really like the idea of gals wearing wil prompt da prof to teach better...
    ps:dis is applicable only for hot girls.

  5. im sending my kids to u prof 4 sure!!!!