Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tour de Hessarghatta

The day dawned crisp and clear. It was D-Day for the Tour de Hessarghatta. The Three Muskeetoes (Bala, Jonathan and Daniel) set out on their mean machines. Mine was a Hercules MTB 9000. It can do 0-100kmph in 60 seconds with a downhill gradient of 60 degrees and has power steering (because I have strong arms [:P]) The aim of the tour was to spread awareness about the charisma of Himesh through the slogan

"All you ma'ams and sirs
It is your Farzzzz to have seen Karzzzz
Honour the great Guru
aur dekna zaroor, Aap Ka Suroor"

So then, on we went. Up and down, left and right, front and back. My bicycle was making all sorts of sounds which sounded like music to me. Heavy metal, or transition metal rather, since my bicycle is made of iron! (scientific joke there!) I was constantly checking the map to assure myself that we were on the right track. Roads marked as major roads were narrow deserted roads. Just when we were feeling lost, a BMTC bus came careening round the corner to reassure us that were not lost.

The first major stop was made to provide repair Bala's machine. The chain had fallen off and got jammed. We went to a farm to ask for tools. Unlike the stories of the Famous Five, who got ham, eggs and milk at farms, we had trouble getting even a spanner. Soon the repairs were completed, thanks largely to Jonathan, and we were off again. Then we came across a cock fight. Two cocks were fighting for a hen's attention with a dog as the referee. The hen appeared least bothered. No bhav cocks I must say. Then another BMTC bus came and dispersed the knights in feathered armour, thus ending the fight. I think Pamela Anderson had sent the bus to prevent cruelty to animals. [:D]

After a while we reached the lake. It was quite beautiful. Everything was calm and quiet. Thank God there were no autos to disturb the tranquillity. Don't laugh. If autos can go to Germany (ref: Aap Ka Suroor), then they can go anywhere. The pump house looked like a light house surrounded by land. The landscape was dotted with cows, goats and egrets, giving it a rustic look. We sat by the lake to enjoy the scenery and refill our tummies. One goat had a problem with Jonathan's goatee and was confronting him. Ego clash i think, because both of them felt their own goatee was better. I told them that mine was best and hence it was no use to fight over second place.

We had lunch at the Indian Institute of Horticultural Research. I was expecting some exotic fruits and vegetables on the menu. But all we got was puri-bhaji and biryani. Our next stop was Nrityagram Dance Village. It is a beautifully landscaped place. We reached a little late and missed the dance performance. The dancers were hot btw. I wanted to try my hand or legs at dancing. But then i had to save my legs for the return journey, else i think i would have given the dancers a run for their money. There was a Taj hotel nearby. I wanted to get a leg massage, but then thought about my wallet which would need massaging.

Next we went to the road in the middle of nowhere (see pic) which I had read about in a blog. It was amazing. The road was dead straight leading right up to the horizon. It was really like the middle of nowhere. You can probably shout your lungs out and no one will hear you. Nice place to scream and let out your frustrations, if any. I felt like singing 'Tandoori Nights' at the top of my voice!

It was time to head back. We missed our planned route. So we took a new route. It was mostly on the highway this time. Passersby were looking at us with curious looks. Maybe because I looked hep with that cap and earphones, Jonathan looked like an Arab with the towel wrapped around his face, and Bala appeared like our Indian guide as he was dressed quite normally. And finally we reached Yesvantpur. Sadly there was no welcome committee to garland and photograph us on our return. So we just went home quietly, exhausted but elated after a wonderful trip

Distance covered: 60 km (see map for route)
1st leg, dept: 8:30am, arr: 10:45am
2nd leg, dept: 2:45pm, arr: 5pm


  1. Man...i m jealous...!! i am missing on all te trips..make som plans to com ovr here be...lotsa nice places arnd...but its a desert wwen u look fr enthu ppls :( :(

  2. yoyo
    @ashu.. dis time i went wid iisc friends..
    @abhishek.. will b in blore till may.. hopefully will hv some more trips by then.. btw i got an admit frm uminn