Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jab We Met

This past December I was traveling from amchem Goem to namma Bengaluru by train. As always i was hoping to have, amongst the myriad co-passengers, a 'hot gal' traveling alone. I was also hoping that she was going to Bangalore for the first time and knows no one there. Whew, too many conditions there. And obviously by theory of probability, it means there is almost zero chance of getting such a co passenger!

So obviously, I was elated to find a pretty girl sitting in the seat opposite to mine. Now at least there was a chance that she could be the ideal co passenger I always hoped for. Usually i have drunkards, gossipers or pesky kids eating whatever little is there in my head. [:D] (See pic to see what I normally do while travelling!) Now I had to break the ice. If i used too little force, I might have only scratched the surface making me look like a loser. Too much force might cause irreparable damage to what lay beyond the ice! So should I start with the worst cliche of all "hows the weather"? Or be bold and say "that's a nice blouse, it really compliments your beautiful eyes!". I settled for something in between. Don't worry, I didn't say "hows your blouse" [:P]. I just said, "hi, I am Daniel and I like making conversation". It worked! She replied "I am Pamela and I too like making conversation." And followed it up with a smile so sweet that I must have got diabetes! By the way, names have been changed to protect privacy. So I'll also change my name to Anderson. [:D]

Then i turned on the "charm de Daniel". Too my immense joy, I found out that all the conditions in paragraph-1 were satisfied. I had hit the jackpot. Luck not only smiled but also laughed because there was more. She was also a mech grad going to Bangalore for some internship. I used my sound knowledge of mech engg to impress her! [:P bhari] It was grand. I promised to show her around Bangalore on my bike. Or maybe borrow Adi's stunner to have the stunning effect!

Time flew by. And we reached Bangalore. For the first time the train was on time. Damn these trains, they are never late when needed! My best journey was over. I had hoped it was a journey from Kanyakumari to Kashmir that would have lasted at least 3 days. I tried to help her with her luggage thinking I could show of my strength by lifting all her bags. I didn't know that she mainly had books in her bags. I couldn't even budge the bags. I called a porter to help. I told her that I hired a porter even though i could carry all the bags as i wanted them to earn a living. Thus i showed my ostentatious charitable side. I had killed two birds with one stone and maybe would have killed a third one also if there was one! [:D]

So then we were walking leisurely on the platform towards the exit. Suddenly someone shouted out her name from behind us. We both turned around. "Rahul, you! what are you doing here?", she exclaimed. I also said, "yeah, what are you doing here?". Then she rushed towards him and hugged him. Now who was this dude? Brother, cousin, uncle! Anything except the dreaded 9 letter being. (Boyfriend, for those who can't count!) And then the moment of truth. She first introduced me. Cool guy, extremely smart, blah blah. "Thank you, but don't prolong the agony" I said to myself. Then she turned to him and said,"this is Rahul my friend". Was that all? But then, as actions speak louder than words, she turned towards him and ........... I wont elaborate. Use your imagination. He supposedly wanted to give her a surprise and didn't tell her he was shifting to Bangalore. Oh, i hate surprises. They are never good. And then after some lame conversation they turned and walked away. I shouted after her "I'll call you sometime!" At least i didn't have to pay the porter! [:P]


  1. i hop this is not fiction.
    If it is u r a good writer
    n if not u r lucky :)

  2. What's the probability of her reading this post?
    btw, My wait for the perfect "jab we met" train journey never seems to end. :)

  3. @manoj.. i am a gud writer :D
    @bharath.. She can't read dis post.. U still a few train journeys left.. all d best!!

  4. hey hey!
    u always write guy-meets-girl stories on the same theme. wasn't it you who wrote something like this in bitsam?

  5. that topic always make a gud reading in dis love hungry world! :D

  6. I liked your starting line... Waiting for my turn to use it ;)
    Great blog dude..!!

  7. excellent title man...
    great narration; ending could have been the other way round!