Thursday, May 22, 2008


Which causes more greenhouse gas emissions, rearing cattle or driving cars? Surprise!!! According to a new report published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the livestock sector generates more greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalent – 18 percent – than transport. It is also a major source of land and water degradation.

The above paragraph is frm an article by the United Nations.. You can read the full articles from the following links..

Greenhouse gases coz global warming n all the associated climate extremes that v r seeing 2day.. It’s a major coz for all the droughts around the world which r driving millions of poor ppl 2 starvation.. It’s the major coz of all those devastating floods that destroys livelihoods of millions of ppl.. It’s a major coz of deadly tropical storms which even brought the greatest nation on earth, the USA, to its knees.. Glaciers r melting, lakes r drying n sea levels r rising.. N wat r v doing?? Nothing.. Our only home in this whole wide universe is dying!! N yet v sit tight doing nothing.. How can v be so inconsiderate to our fellow human beings and our future generations? Humans are supposed 2 b the intelligent animals.. But I wud be ashamed if a lion or a tiger wud ask me to justify our actions.. Is there ne justification?? For all those skeptics of global warming, I suggest u watch Al Gore’s movie, THE INCONVINIENT TRUTH. It shud effectively clear all the doubts frm ur minds..

N then there r some ppl who think others will do smth.. all those NGOs will do smth.. Another class of ppl say dat v hv only one life on dis planet.. so y waste it by leading a conservative lifestyle?? I guess its becoz of such ppl that v r facing natures wrath 2day.. The time has come my friends to make a stand.. a stand fr nature.. I m nt suggesting u leave ur jobs n start leaving in a jungle, or stop using all modern amenities.. Jus start reducing.. Reduce ur non veg component of ur diet fr instance.. or using public transport more.. stuff like dat..

Another reason 2 stop eating non veg, besides the environmental aspect, is the food crisis.. Land use 2 grow food crops is now being used to grow fodder.. N that led to the food crisis of 2day.. U r feeding the food that poor ppl only dream of to livestock.. isn’t dat inhumane?? The conversation efficiency of a plant crop to animal meat is bout 9%.. That means if u feed 100kg of food crop 2 livestock u ll get only 9kg of meat.. wat a colossal waste!!! N factor in the miserable condition of the livestock.. I guess ne person with some sense wud resolve to stop eating non veg food..

I have effectively stopped eating non veg from all livestock.. dat includes chicken, eggs, beef, pork etc.. I eat fish sometimes.. But I ll stop dat also in due course of time as over fishing causes damage to marine environment.. I find it really hard.. I ws a hardcore non veg.. the transition ws tuff.. But the thought dat I m doing smth fr d environment drives me on..


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  2. count me in now a veggie!!!

  3. btw danny...i think chickens can survive on no danger there u see...
    SAY NO TO RED MEAT....!!

  4. i don knw wat ashu is taking bout..

  5. So are u still a non-veggie??! please clarify this doubt! Humble request from your fan-base!