Thursday, May 29, 2008


The other day I ws waiting at d bus stop.. For a bus.. :P A bright pink bus with yellow flowers all over pulled to a stop.. Some loud massy music ws blaring frm d inside.. I stepped in the theatre or the bus rather.. The conductor ws shouting kaluny (its colony I later learnt) oprada ( dats O-Farm in reality) karude.. Finally after revving the engine fr a full 5 minutes, d bus started moving.. it ws jam packed.. I decided to watch the movie.. its ws bloody.. some fight ws goin.. I didn’t knw who were d gud guys or d bad guys.. dey all appeared same.. dere ws bloodshed all around.. it ws depressing.. so I started lookin at my co passengers. Suddenly my eyes looked wid a gal who ws lookin at me.. I guess I ws staring at her absently (I swear!!) She adjusted her duppatta all shy n self conscious ( ala BITSGian chicks!!) I quickly looked away.. else I might hv been arrested fr visual molestation ( wateva dat is) Meanwhile the movie continued n another 100 guys died… The conductor came 2 collect d fare.. and invariable he asked fr ondu (one) rupee more no matter d amount u gave him.. All u hv to do is look at him dumbly.. n he leaves quietly.. Meanwhile the bus driver ws using every bhp of d engine 2 its max..I guess he ws a force Bangalore driver.. Speed breakers were back breakers.. Suddenly golden star made his appearance in the movie.. N evrythin ws romantic frm then on.. even the atmosphere in d bus calmed.. I got a place to sit.. Golden star ws at his best.. now I knw y all d gals like him.. he is so smart n cooooool.. I ws so engrossed in d movie dat I missed my stop.. (:P) I got off in a hurry.. now I had 2 catch a bus back.. I saw another mass coming.. I quickly ran to catch it..


  1. dainy why were u staring at a kannada girl..ull get beaten up.Already d localites hate outsiders for encroaching upon their land and jobs and now ur adding girls to dat list too ;-)

  2. Since when have u started staring at girls??????? BTW..visual molestation is punishable as per Article 317 (b) Amendment 3 of the Indian Penal Code. So better be careful.!!

  3. so u too experienced first hand the adventure of travelling in the disco bus.......
    was the chick really so good looking