Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Its time to bell the CAT

OK unlike d GRE post, this piece aint gonna give u tips to crack the real CAT.. (bhari!!) The CAT i am talking about is Daniel's own Cool Attitude Test (CAT) . This exam is designed to test the coolness of various 'Indian Institute of Ma Ma Mass' (IIMMM) aspirants..

The first section is verbal.. In which candidates are required to show their proficiency in thrash talk. Next comes quant where u hv u display knowledge n skill along with speed with accuracy in counting bharis, self proclaimed statements, dry jokes etc in a video cip of 10min.. DI is basically dude index.. its upto the candidate to decide how he proves his high DI level.. i believe in freedom of expression..

Himesh and golden star G will conduct PI fr successful candidates.. This star value is bound to attract top talent fr d exam!! But there are special quotas for fans of this blog!! All the best to the rest.. may the coolest candidates freeze the judges!!

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