Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grad Comics.

The new semester hasn't been easy as I have been quite busy and that has made me dizzy. Lame attempt at being poetic there. Now get ready for some lame attempts at being funny. Do you remember the Friends episode in which Chandler writes down his jokes? So I thought I might make note of some classics I have cracked in the past few days. [:D] means you are supposed to laugh, just like in sitcoms they have those laughter tracks to help you laugh at appropriate times.

“I have a long day ahead of me”. “Not possible, every day has 24 hours.” [:D]

“I cant understand the prof well.” “Sit at the back of the class so you will have more time to catch and understand what the prof says.” [:D]

“There is a meeting at 8:30, such an odd time!” “How is it odd? Both '8' and '30' are even numbers” [:D]

“The Panda is the least racist animal, its black, white and Asian.” “Is Michael Schumacher the most racist person?” [:D]

“I miss gals wearing sleeveless tshirts. When will the summer come?” “Yeah me too, I feel more comfortable with gals wearing sleeveless.” “Why?” “Then I am sure they don't have any tricks up their sleeve!” [:D]

“I went rock climbing yesterday.” “How was it?” “Didnt enjoy it as I am scared of heights.” “Hmm you will not get to far with career when you have to climb the corporate ladder.” [:D]

After a mock interview. Interviewer- “You think well on your feet.” Me thinking “Hows that possible? I was seated suring the interview. It was more like thinking on my butt!” [:D]

Hope you enjoyed the sad jokes. If not, read the post again!


  1. i actually enjoyed reading them

  2. thanks guys. I am happy Vinay enjoys the jokes when cracked and when reported!

  3. funny :) it sure does take courage to put your jokes on a blogpost though :)

  4. hmm. not so sad.:) n i liked the 'laughter tracks' link.hav seen many sitcoms.but never wondered who started it.

  5. @abha.. i never hide my sad jokes.. i am proud of them! in fact i feel they are under rated in their effectiveness to make conversation and keep the mood jolly..

    @ravishankar.. took me a while to find out what it is called! And actually the sound tracks are quite effective.. i watched a few friends episodes with the sound track removed.. they were not so funny, despite I already knowing the jokes beforehand..

  6. there is one more of yours that i recollect..
    we were playing poker & you did not win a single game in 3-4 hours... you had just 5 coins left.. and someone stole 1 from that too.... may be it was gampa.. then you shouted for your coin & gampa asked - how do you know it's your coin that is with me.

    and here came your great reply - I have so few of them that i know them by face.. :P

    that was funny

  7. liked most of them one,the rock climbing was sad...anyways you are improving...great going

  8. @abhijeet.. Thanks for remembering one of my great jokes! You are a true friend! :D

    @Jonathan.. I will try to make them drier!