Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rock On!!

This past Sunday, Bangalore hosted one of the greatest rock bands. I decided to show my love for rock by going rock climbing. [:D] We went rock climbing and rappelling to the popular destination near Bangalore, Ram Nagar. After a couple of hours in a cramped bus in which legroom was at a premium, we reached the imposing monolith. I could almost hear the famous dialogue of Sholay, 'kitne aadmi the', reverberating of the hills. It was shot somewhere there many years back.

The first assignment was rappelling down a steep rock face. It looked easy from down. But when I got to the top and looked down at the base far-far below, I went weak in my knees! But, once I settled into the horizontal position I was at ease. I even managed to smile and wave for the cameras. No, there were no reporters covering the event. I had instructed my friends to record this feat for posterity as I was quite sure I would never go rappelling again. I reached down without any further ado. The experience might come useful in landing me a job as a cleaner of Bangalore’s ubiquitous glass facade buildings. [:P]

Next up, after a delicious lunch, was chimney climbing. This was something different. One had to climb up a narrow 2-3 feet wide crack in a rock without any equipment besides the safety rope. The safety rope didn’t help you climb in any way. Its sole purpose was to arrest your fall in the event you slipped. The technique appeared to be a combination of scratching your back against a wall to get rid of an inaccessible itch on your back, doing tricep bench dips and kicking in your sleep! [:D] Initially I found the going tough, as the crack was too narrow for my height. As the crack widened, I was more comfortable. Finally I reached the top with some effort.

Some climbers were not as talented though. [:P] They needed help in the form of one climber giving a boost from down whilst standing on the shoulders of the guide. It was quite a sight and amazing team work. Incredibly, every one of us made it. This experience could be counted as training for the job of Santa Claus for the next Christmas. [:)] That might help me fund my MS in case i do not get aid!.

The last event was the actual rock climbing. We had to hurry through this as it was beginning to get dark. Here were had to climb a steep rock face with bare hands and legs. But I am no jungle cat. I didn’t get too far before I slipped. What goes up, must come down. But not if you are tied to a safety rope. [:D] I dangled mid air for a few heart stopping moments. I rappelled back down after getting back my foot hold.

This skill might get me a break in Sandalwood if they decide to make their own Spiderman movie! I could be Golden Star’s stunt man! So thus ended the day during which I felt like a commando ready to fight the bad guys. [:)] The trip on the whole was a lovely experience. The only hitch was the large size of the group. This made the wait for your turn last a little too long like Amaron!


  1. Gr8 going !! Ur really making ur stint in Bangalore count !

  2. deyii mama ... where shall be the reference to NBD ( the real one ) ... thought he would take the maximum place in ur blog ... no referal to him at all ... too bad !!!

  3. looks like ur enjoying bangalore to its fullest!

  4. @zed n abhishek.. yeah few weekends left.. wanna complete all the must see and must dos!

    @varun..most of the general public r nt well versed with the NBD concept!

  5. oi danny awesome account of your rock adventures..if u can call it more "been there, done that" on your "try everything before u die " list i suppose ! :D

  6. sahi! that chimney climbing looks real dangerous.

    btw anybody would be much pleased after they 'll see ur multi faceted resume, haha, may be they will give u job of window cleaner in the remake of Matrix 1.

  7. @vasanth.. that list is really long.. and it keeps getting longer when i hear of other possible adventurous stuff.. :D

    @sahaj.. good 2 hv backup in times of recession!