Thursday, August 14, 2008

Traffic de Namma Bengaluru!!

Yesterday i ws travelling by bike frm somewhere near LAL Bagh to yeshvantpur via majestic at bout 7pm... N boy did i really get a taste of namma bengaluru traffic fr d 1st time.. N d rain gods decided dat i must hv a baptism of fire or water rather!!! The positive part ws that i got 2 use my raincoat ordered frm fr d 1st time!! But it turns out it wud nt b a +ve thing after all..

The traffic got really bad after corporation circle.. n so did d rain. the raincoat sucked.. i plan 2 sue them fr a billion dollars (Zimbabwean dollars) .. Water ws trickiling down my back in no time.. making me uncomfortable in weird places!! thanks 2 jockey fr doing its best.. N fr some reason d signals were nt working.. so every1 tot he had d rite off way.. making things worse were my specs.. i cudnt c nething.. but i don need my specs coz wen i asked some1 d way 2 malleshwaram he said " go straight n then straight.. n more straight" so who needs 2 c where u r goin wen u jus hv 2 go straight.. good thing i m straight.. so i had no probs goin straight!!

Once jus b4 majestic a bus driver cudnt engage 1st gear properly.. n went a lil backwards right into a car.. bumper 2 bumper traffic here.. n d best part ws an auto driver gets out n starts firing d bus guy.. i m like. dude look at ur vehicle n then talk!!! A little futher i had some entertainment.. i stopped next 2 a mass bus.. n watched some ma ma mass movie fr a while.. boy dose movies r funny in ne circumstance!!! Then dere were dese guys on a bike discussing y d karnataka govt wants 2 felicitate bindra.. one guy felt dat dey shud use d money 2 built flyovers atleast in his name.. yeah maybe kids wud b tk 2 sports rite away if dey knew dey will hv flyovers in their name if dey do well!!!

The traffic eased slightly nr majestic.. but b4 long v were stuck again.. dis time at an underpass jus after majestic.. n unfortunately i had 2 stop at a spot which ws atleast a foot deep underwater.. thank u hero honda fr giving gud ground clearence.. one cool guy in an innova decided 2 liven up d situation by playing some loud music.. n then honking.. n then rocking his car eddie guerrero style.. don how he did dat.. but it ws gud.. d guy next to me in d water started tappin his feet n splashed water all around!! By then i had covered bout 8 km in more than an hr!!

Finally d traffic eased n i reached home in another 15min.. boy i ws soaked to d marrow of my bones!!! thank u blore fr d gr8 experiance!!!

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  1. Wow!!! awesome post man!! Hope you have a few more "Namma Bengaluru Traffic" experiences (coz only then the reader's can get good articles na) !! Enjoooy maadi !!!