Sunday, March 06, 2016

A little more Aloha

Ok, Hawaii has more than beaches, volcanoes and pineapples, as incorrectly described in my last post. Well there is spam. And there are rainforests. And I concluded that GPS doesn't work in Hawaii as I met numerous people who were trying to find themselves. And the answer to global warming may be the tapping of the ubiquitous energy vortices all around the islands.
Hawaii is truly a state of mind, which can get high based on breathing the fumes from volcanoes or weed.

Hiking in a rainforest is scary. I have probably hiked over a thousand miles of trails in CA. I'm at ease in the clean, manicured forests of northern CA where everything is well behaved. In a rainforest, everything is out to get you. Insects, reptiles, plants with thorns, plants with weird oils that make you itch, plants that look plain evil. But since I was in Hawaii and since I like hiking, I had to hike in a rainforest. The rainforests of Hawaii are more welcoming. It is said that the plants and animals of Hawaii lost most of their defense mechanisms (aka scary features) because there was very little competition on these isolated islands. Until of course man arrived and all hell broke loose. But don't be put off by those nasty tropical plants. A hike in a lush forest is a spiritual experience. The strong aroma from the trees and the wet earth, the chirping of countless birds and critters and the bright green all around mixes up for a wonderful cocktail that quietens the busy mind and relaxes the weary body. Until of course something crawls up my leg.

After all the nature and man v/s wild experiences, I decided I should feed my non existent cultured side by attending a luau at an expensive resort.
How apt to reenact a rather primitive culture on the manicured lawns of a 5 star beach resort? The food was delicious and the hula dancing enchanting. Boy, those hips don't lie. They tell a story, I'm told. I wasn't sure how to read a story from a dance, but those gyrations did spin a tale. After a few Mai Tais, my mind wandered and pondered on the way rich people vacation. I wondered if mediocre pasta tastes delicious at a resort. Is going on an adventure tour really an adventure? Do they like puns?On a plus side, peeing at night is not a hassle. You don't have to worry about stumbling on some night beast when you step out of your tent or worse, run into wasted guys at the hostel restrooms. I have camped at dozens of campgrounds, but have never stayed at a 5 star resort. I'll need someone to sponsor me a 5 star vacation and then I'll make a accurate comparison.

Thus I bid Aloha to the land of Aloha. Onward and southward to Australia. Until next time, hang loose and have a great day mate.


  1. :-) Where in Hawaii did you go?

  2. One HAS to see what a night beast looks like. And hips do lie. Don't kid yourself. 😊