Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snow is falling, all around me!

This past weekend I experienced my first snow fall. Yeah it’s early, even for the ice box state of the US. Most of the residents were annoyed because ‘bad weather’ had come so early this year. Well, I being a newbie here was overjoyed to see the white powdery stuff all around. This was the first time I had seen snow! It was amazing. This post is for all the readers who have never seen snow. I hope I can give a good description so can experience it vicariously.

First of all, it’s beautiful beyond words. Everything except for the streets is white. It is even better when the sun comes out. And since the leaves haven’t yet fallen off, a lot more snow collects on them which makes the scene prettier. The fall colors and snow make an awesome combination. The snow is like a fine powder that falls slowly through the air. You can dust it off yourself and I like to shake myself like a dog while doing so! :D It’s is soft and quiet. Calming and relaxing, unlike rain which can be noisy and forceful. Supposedly snow absorbs other sound too and makes for a more peaceful setting.

The snow is soft and falls slowly because the terminal velocity of snowflakes is low. But you can compress it in your hands to make snow balls and throw at each other. Or you could make a snowman or build a snow fort. The lazier people can make snow angels! Well I didn’t do much of the above things as the snow was a little slushy cause of the high temperatures of 1-2 degrees Celsius. I have a long to-do list for the winter. Besides the snowman, fort and angels, I wanna try my hand, or legs rather, at skiing, skating, snow shoeing, and broomball. My friends have promised to take me out to indulge in all the winter fun I want. I hope I can bear the brutal cold though, which brings me to the winter clothing.

I have purchased headgear, mufflers, scarves, a coat, woolen pullovers, gloves, woolen socks etc. Thank you Ben, for taking me winter shopping! It’s a bit of a pain to wear all these things before going outside. I guess I will get used to it. Growing up in Goa hasn’t really prepared me for this, but I know I am going to have a great time! I can’t wait for Christmas, to see a snowy Christmas, to see what we sing in carols and print on cards. I have to look up for Santa’s email id and ask him for a white Christmas!


  1. nice way of portraying ... bring in more of college and friends stuff too....

  2. Heyyyyy Danny,

    Finally got around to checking out your blog. Wow, man. Really good stuff. It's crazy to see how well-spoken and well-written you are especially compared to many (nay, MOST) of my friends who were born in the U.S. and have studied the English language since birth. Know what I mean?

    Anyway, keep putting your thoughts on here. If not just as a means to become a better writer, it certainly allows you the opportunity to vent (about the weather in MN).



  3. Hi Daniel,
    Reading your posts about your experiences in the US and especially the current one on Snow reminds me of my excitement and awe when I first came to the US. In contrast to the belligerence of people around me I absolutely love the snow - possibly because we have never experienced it Goa.
    As far as staying warm goes my friend once mentioned that 'if you are feeling cold it means that you are not dressed up enough' I admit its a mission to put on and then peel off layers of clothing when you get to class - but its all worth the experience of having snow :)

    btw Jonathan was right in asking me to read your humourous posts:)
    Laura Fernandes.

  4. @roshan.. u are my favourite fan! although i m thinking of using heaters instead of fans fr the winter! :P

    @ adam.. thanks for the compliment. I will definitely continue blogging. I only hope i get time once in a while to pursue my passion of enlightening the world! :D

    @snips.. thanks for reading my blog and for the handy tip bout clothing... i will keep you posted about my revelries in the snow!!

  5. hey..coool!! I mean I have never experienced snow but I got the feel from reading this...Thanks for that! You rock!! :)

  6. happy to be at ur service.. n btw snow is cold.. not cool.. :P