Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The 50th

And it’s a fifty! A fine effort by Danny in posting 50 articles on his blog! [:D] And it has come in precisely 365 days. Not exactly a break neck speed, but a steady rate of about 1 post a week! Okay enough of the stats. When I started by blog exactly a year ago, I didn’t expect to get this far. I took up blogging mainly because everyone else seemed to be present in the blogosphere. But the constant encouragement of my fans and followers has kept that flame of enthusiasm burning.

First of all I thank Google for hosting my blog and for making blogging so easy. I am not very good with this computer stuff, but Google has managed to make blogging a ‘left handed child’s play’. I also thank Facebook, Orkut and Gtalk for the free advertising space for my blog URL. Officially I have 15 fans. You can check their profiles under ‘faithful fans’. I am sure there are many more readers besides those elite 15. I thank each one of them for taking time out from their not so busy schedules to read my blog. I also have international readers as evident from the hits I get from around the world. Check the world map for details. Nations that haven’t yet read my blog are doomed as they don’t get the benefits from my enlightening thoughts meant for the betterment of mankind. I think the HRD ministry should make this blog a part of the school curriculum. [:D]

I do not blog for money as evident from the fact I have made just over $2 over the past year. I do not blog for fame as I am already quite famous! As I have said I blog for the betterment of mankind. Few of the readers ask questions and clarify their doubts through the comments section or through private chat. The rest follow my teachings without question. Understandable as Plato and Socrates were rarely questioned in their days. There are some people who feel my thoughts are pretty useless. All I can say is that many great thinkers and philosophers were ignored or condemned in their time. Anyways creative writing is supposedly good for your health! My writings cover a wide genre ranging from environment, travelogues, general and spiritual musings, etc. You can go to the section of your choice through the various labels.

So then folks happy reading! I hope to post some juicy articles during my stay in Goa and the USA. Its goodbye then, till the next milestone.

Breaking News: Danny the author of famous blog The Reflection of Perfection is meeting with his fans at Forum Mall on Sunday. Be there to grab some exclusive autographed reflection of perfection t-shirts.


  1. if the t shirts are for free, you just got one more official fan :P

  2. 15 followers not fans :D

    free t shirts on sunday? srsly? in that case i shall make the effort to get out of bed and come to forum... just for t(U comes after T):D

  3. Hope you reach century soon! :)

  4. Congrats dude !! looks more like an award winning speech :P ...anyways how about throwing a party at Forum for the occasion ?? May be tht'll make u more famous and u can pursue blogging as a full time profession !!

  5. @sahaj.. didnt knw it ws so easy 2 buy ur fan following! :D

    @nalini.. good joke! didnt get it.. dats y its good! :P I hv named my followers as fans btw

    @chimu.. yeah.. maybe in a yr..

    @rajesh.. yeah plz help urself 2 nething in mac donalds.. n tell em u r my fan..

  6. well, yes it is,
    and as a friend i will also give u a special discount for becoming ur Superduperextrapremium (wtf)Fan

    a party at leela palace, tht shud do it.