Thursday, February 12, 2009

A tribute to my SONY DSC-T10

A picture is worth a thousand words. And my camera has recently completed 10,000 pictures. So that’s 10 million words! But I’ll try to sum it up in a few hundred words here. Over the past 20 months or so, I have used this wonderful gadget to take scores of pictures and videos of the many memorable moments of my life. I whole heartedly agree that it was every cent well spent by my brother who purchased it for a princely sum of $400. It has been very reliable and hasn’t given me any problems at all so far and is working as well as it was 20 months back. The picture and video quality is awesome, as evident from the high class photos and videos in my orkut profile!

This camera has been used to capture many cherished moments. It has been used for the wild birthday celebrations in BITS, the farewell, the many trip and treks I have gone on, family occasions and most innovatively perhaps, to scan books and notes before exams! I wasn’t an avid photographer before I got this camera. I couldn’t be relied on to take a clear picture. Now I can safely say I am a semi professional [self proclaimed!]. I have learnt to use the more sophisticated modes of the camera. I have moved beyond the ‘only-auto-mode’ phase. There is still lot to be learnt though because this camera is loaded with many adjustable settings. Besides, this camera is very handy and easy fits into the pocket like a cell phone. Its sleek looks certainly catch the eye!

The only feature that is lacking perhaps is flash with the video mode present in some cell phone cameras. Also it is quite difficult to capture clear pictures of scenes with low illumination. I have recently purchased a tripod to aid in me in that regard. But unlike the camera, it is not very portable. Hence I don’t use it much.

I am very attached to it and it is one of my most prized possessions. That makes me a little possessive about it. So guys please don’t feel bad if I hesitate to lend it to you. Thank you SONY for this brilliant piece of engineering. The photos in this blog are some of my best pictures.

The Majestic Dome

Picture Perfect at Mysore

Fountain of Flames

Terrestrial Stars

Scintillating Sivasamudram


  1. deiiii( 4 i's ).. there are no bmtc buses in the Majestic pic.. nd the bus stand is much better thn wat u claim in the pic.. if u fool ramasene of namma bengaluru, u shall be in trouble..

    but the other pics r really nice.. i've seen thm on few postcards in mathikere post office..

  2. Danny bhai ! nice post ...see i am commenting on your blog :P

    1)No pic of any hot models/chics on the beaches or otherwise ..I am sure u must have a few of them!
    2)How did you take a pic of the camera itself !:P

  3. @shantya.. gud attempt at saddies.. i m loving it!

    @rajesh.. u need not comment here jus 2 get some comments in return! i'll comment on ur blog if i hv smth cool 2 say.. which usually is d case btw..
    1) i believe in keeping my photography pure.. n all my pics wid hot babes r private personal property
    2)my camera has timer mode. Keep timer of few seconds n then move the camera in front of itself.. simple..

  4. @Danny !!...1)"i believe in keeping my photography pure"....What the hell??:P ..u mean to say babes like pamela n mallika n anna are not pure :P???I am disappointed with such a comment :(

    2)Now if tht was supposed to be a joke i must say its pretty sad one ..ur blog will loose out if u make such sad comments ..only way to increase ur hits is posting hot pics !!

  5. not only ur blog but also ur replies to comments are humourous..! "timer mode.." hehe..
    ur pics are also cool..

  6. Nice pics dude.. amazing. hope you havent photoshopped them :P

  7. @rajesh.. 1) it all depends on ur mentality! i wont do moral policing here! :D
    2) sad jokes are my trademark.. cant help it

    @chimu.. tanx fr acknowledging my jokes!

    @abhishek.. i don knw how 2 use photoshop.. all i did was open in ms photo editor and click auto-correct! :D