Friday, February 12, 2010

Darwin's Leap of Faith - Busting the myth of evolution.

We all know the theory of evolution. Most of us 'know' that we have descended from apes, who in turn descended from some other animal, …...., who descended from nothing in particular. I learned this 'fact' when I was 10 years old. It took me 10 more years to start questioning it. And boy, am I glad to have done that.

Evolution is a theory not a fact. He just conjured it up based some a few things he observed. But why did Darwin's theory of man evolving from apes become a fact? There is no proof at all for Darwin's fairytale. It hasn't been proved at any level. I will give only a few points here just to arouse your interest so that maybe if you really care about where you came from and where you are going, you can start digging further.

Lets begin with the failure of man's attempts in creating life. If the top scientists in the world with the best equipment at hand cannot produce the simplest form of life, how can we believe blind chance doing such an awesome job in creating all life forms? The smallest living cell has the complexity of a Boeing 747 jumbo jet airplane. The components of the smallest living cell have the obvious arrangement showing intelligent design, just as the Boeing 747 did not appear from random parts stacked near each other in a junk yard. The minimal cell contains more than 60,000 proteins of 100 different configurations.

Mechanical Engineering
. The second law of thermodynamics proves that organization cannot flow from chaos. Complex live organisms cannot rearrange themselves into an organism of a higher form as claimed by evolutionists. This is scientifically backwards according to the second law of thermodynamics, which has never been proven wrong. The universe is slowing down to a lower state, not higher. The genes of plants, insects, animals and humans are continually becoming defective, not improving. Species are becoming extinct, not evolving. Order will always move naturally toward disorder or chaos, unless changed by an intelligent being. Sunlight by the way is a very diffuse form of energy and is incapable of reversing the disorder.

Chemistry. Proteins use only L form of amino acids. Chance lightening would form both L and D in equal amounts. Even a small amount of D form would produce proteins unsuitable for life. So there is no way that life could originate from the nutrient 'soup' that evolutionists claim life sprung from. Besides there is no evidence of this pre biotic soup in earth's oldest rocks.

Probability. Statisticians have calculated the probability of assembling amino acid building blocks into a functional protein as 1 in 4.9x10^191. And the simplest known self reproducing organism has 625 proteins. Can you imagine the amount of trust we have put in chance and time? There are only 10^18 seconds in 15 billion years. Just compare the two numbers.

Geology. We dont find any transitional forms in the fossils. Fossils have only fully developed extinct species. We have numerous fossils over all time periods, yet we don't see any transitional species. There are intermediate species between two species of the same level. These are lost cousins rather than ancestors. And all those fossils that were classified as the intermediate between apes and man have now been classified as either ape or man. The answer to this absence of transitional fossils, enter 'stepped evolution'. Stepped evolution theory states that evolution proceeded so fast over short time periods that there wasn't any chance for fossils to form from the transitional life forms. So what made evolution to speed up and slow down?

And since time is a major player in evolution, I must mention the fact that the age of the earth is also debated. All those radiometric dating methods are not fool proof. They are adjusted to suit evolution. To state it plainly, rocks are dated depending on the fossils found in them and fossils are dated depending on the rocks they were found in. Hurrah to circular reasoning!

Despite the overwhelming evidence against evolution, we all believe it without any question. Why? The main reason evolution is so widely accepted is because it takes away our accountability of our actions. We don't wanna know that God is watching over us and will judge us when the time comes. We want to be the masters of ourselves and sometimes others too. When we believe in evolution we are basically accountable to time and chance, both of which cant do anything besides maybe converting us to dogs if they get pissed off. But that will take a million years. So why bother?

Coming to the question most Christians ask, can we accept both theories (evolution and creation) and live happily? No! We cant please God and the devil. You cannot be here and there. Something cannot be both black and white. And grey is neither by the way. I feel our belief about our origin and our destiny is fundamental to our faith. How can you believe you will go to heaven after you die if you think you have come from apes? What amazes me is that a belief in evolution has created doubts in creation. Why isn't a belief in creation creating doubts about evolution?

To conclude, evolution is a new religion in which time and chance are gods. Evolutionists have incredible faith is the chance and faith that they are ready to disregard the Word of God and science. Its your decision, do you wanna be a (unwitting) follower of the religion of time and chance?

Credit: Darwin's leap of faith by John Ankerberg and John Weldon.


Added on Feb15: I got a lot of questions about references for this post. Those who are interested should read the book named as credit for this post. It had hundreds of references to the things they talk about. This book is basically a compilation of all scientific publications against evolution. Its concise and easy to understand. If you wanna delve into any field more deeply, check out the references for that section

Love this song. There is a God- Lee Ann Womack


  1. One word. Yes. I fully empathize with you. All the general public not related to the field have some vague idea about evolution. And most of us dont bother to question it. If you have the time and the motivation to know more about yourself, I suggest you start digging in.

  2. really! insightful article. some comments: free energy becomes more significant than entropy when considering spontaneous processes, water can form ice spontaneously outside our apartment!! your L&D argument proves evolution right? only that which supports life is incorporated into the system. from your conclusion, without creation how can there be evolution? evolution supports the theory that "something" created a startin point which eventually was guided to form the rest of the life forms. some people call it "GOD" and others call it "Big Bang". but does it really matter what we call "IT"? isnt the whole idea somewhat same?

  3. About the L & D argument, how did only L forms manage to come together in a mixture of L and D forms? What made only L amino acids to coalesce?

    And yes the 'IT' does matter. Why would anyone want to believe they are a result of blind chance, when the truth is an infinite all knowing and all powerful God made them?

  4. what I feel is, the L & D forms both were there initially, but one would have been more beneficial than the other. due to this it was passed down preferentially. over the years L for began to predominate and finally D stopped being incorporated.
    Its not merely blind chance. when you consider the amount of work that has been put in to make a human body and the time taken for it to come to its present stage, it becomes more profound than just probability. eventually science and religion are going to end up at the same point, according to me. so it does'nt really matter what you call "IT" as long as you believe in something.

  5. Evolution is a theory not a fact.

    It's obvious you know absolutely nothing about any branch of science. Your "theory not a fact" shows you don't even know what a scientific theory is. Please look it up.

    We dont find any transitional forms in the fossils.

    Amazing. Have you ever in your life read anything about evolution that didn't come from a Bible website?

    Please stop by my place and read the entire right column of my blog. That will get you started. Then read the books I quoted and read the websites I linked to. Then spend a few more years doing some serious studying and then maybe we will let you join us here in the 21st century.

  6. the religion of time and chance

    Oh really mister. I know you're still young but that's bloody ridiculous.

    First of all evolutionary biology is not a religion. It's a branch of science.

    Also, natural selection is not chance. If you knew anything about modern biology you should have known that.

  7. Most of us 'know' that we have descended from apes

    We didn't just develop from ancient apes. We are still apes. The human race is one of the modern ape species, and that's a scientific fact you can find in any encyclopedia.

    What do you know about ERVs and Human Chromosome Two? How about the Ardi fossil and the tiktaalik roseae fossils?

    Obviously nothing. Just study man. A little education can be very rewarding.

  8. Despite the overwhelming evidence against evolution, we all believe it without any question.

    Evidence against evolution? You mean according to your favorite Bible experts?

    Biologists often talk about the overwhelming evidence FOR evolution, and any idiot can use google to look up and study this massive evidence.

    But then there's people like you who don't have any science education. People like you who only know how to copy and paste bullshit. People like you who have an irrational fear of reality.

    Perhaps I've been wasting my time here. You seem to be beyond any hope.

    By the way I don't "believe" in evolution. Beliefs are for wacko religious ideas. Scientific facts, including the basic facts of evolutionary biology, are accepted as true because of the evidence that anyone can study. Nobody has to "believe" in a bloody fact.

    What requires a belief, also known as faith, are the ridiculous religious alternatives to the science of evolutionary biology. All these idiotic religious ideas include invoking a god's magic wand. Do I have to tell you how childish that is?

  9. @ Chandrasekhar. I am talking about the pre biotic times. There was nothing to preferentially pass down the L form only. Both forms would be freely mixing in the 'nutrient soup'. If proteins were being produced spontaneously, they would use both the forms available.

    As for the belief part, I guess you have every right to believe what you like. The aim of this post is just to inform people that evolution is not a proven theory.

    @Human Ape. Thanks for the comments. If your mind is set in believing evolution, so be it.

  10. This is exactly the argument that people who believe in Intelligent Design give when they try to disprove evolution. The Fact is there are thousands of scientific papers which support and make the argument of evolution feasible. Its not merely a "belief" as you put it, whereas Intelligent Design and creation ARE "beliefs".

    By questioning the theory of evolution, you are essentially questioning the validity of scientific method and logic. In which case all your arguments about thermodynamics and chemistry would not hold.

    Also I came across and interesting integration of religion and evolution in Hinduism. The Dashavatars of Vishnu bear a close resemblance to the evolution of man. (I'm not saying that this is true, just that its definitely interesting!)

    Of course if not believing in evolution makes ideological sense to you then nobody can tell you that your ideology is wrong! For exactly the same reason that you cannot say evolution is wrong! So peace out :)

  11. Just because we cannot understand something/fail to comprehend it/unable to imagine, it does not give us the right to question it. And the Laws of Thermodynamics.. well I'd say its Universal and Holds good, for the FACTS WHICH ARE KNOWN to us.!! But all in all.. a Great Post :)

  12. my 2 cents...
    Firstly, about the l and d forms.. the peptide bond formed with l conformation of an amino acid is energetically more stable. So even if both l and d forms of an amino acid existed at the "beginning of time", d forms were gradually phased out because of their instability..
    And to each,his own, true, but you daniel, as a graduate student should know better than to write a scientific critique without references.. :)

  13. @Bloodrayne. and how do you know the 2nd law doesnt hold for things not known to us? Isnt that a belief in the unknown? And thanks for the compliment in the end! Softened one of the many blows i got fr this post! :D

    @vaishnavi. I didnt put any reference because i got the info from a couple of books, internet, and a few talks at the University. The aim of this post is not to provide fool proof evidence. The aim is to encourage anyone else like me who couldn't live with both theories to start digging deeper and find out the myths of evolution himself.

  14. So people do become creationist in the State of Minnesota....!!! And I wondered why Sheldon's mother is creationist...!!! :)

  15. Sheldons mom is from Texas i think! And yes, I thank Minnesota for helping me with my faith!

  16. Nice post & I think it's great that you have taken the time and put in the effort to collect all these points. None the less I am pretty sure that all of these points can be refuted by going into the details of the theory of evolution. While the origin of the energy may be questionable, it surely doesn't mean that the theory itself is wrong. But you are obviously entitled to your belief & at-least thanks to your post, I got to visit a few sites & re-affirm my faith in the theory of evolution :)

  17. Btw isn't "There is no proof at all for Darwin's fairytale. It hasn't been proved at any level." a bit too extreme? :P

  18. Everyone is free to believe what he likes. This post is basically for those who have two contradicting beliefs, namely evolution and creation. I wanna help them move over to the creation side and increase their faith in God.

    Many people in this world believe or know about evolution only and so its really difficult for them to digest the fact that it is wrong. I ask them to read this post when they have found some faith in another theory of origin.

  19. hahahah. "scientific publications against evolution". hahahahaha

  20. chintu: mumma mumma, my teacher asked us to write an essay on our ancestors.
    mummy: well, it all started with Adam and Eve. Then...
    chintu: but papa told me that our ancestors were apes.
    mummy: No, no my ancestors were humans only. He must have been talking about his family roots. I am talking about mine.


  21. @ marx.. ha ha ha ha.. you wont be laughing much longer buddy..

    @abhijeet.. nice one! :D Thanks for seeing the lighter side!

  22. @danny: I believe in theory of faith. Whatever you have faith in should be your God. It could be religious or scientific.

  23. yes abhijeet.. it is faith.. am fed up of people calling faith in God as blind faith.. i want them to know that their faith in science is blind..


    you don't even have to look that far to find some evidence. it must be quite the chore to believe in creationism..

  25. just look at this.

  26. @Marx. Thank you. Am happy to know you are working hard to promote your belief.

  27. Interesting post..what would you say about this theory- Panspermia: Life on earth originated from extraterrestrial seeeding of the earth.

    Quite a lot of astronomy talks go on regarding the remnants of this life in the upper part of the atmosphere and even some eveidence of ET microbes in fossils...somehow I can't paste links in here...

  28. seeding? you mean only small microbes.. i still dont believe they can become humans.. And i am still waiting for them to find life anywhere in space besides earth..

  29. FRUSTU COMMENT ......

    Everything is a theory.....all science is Theory proven by experiments and observation to some extent......GOD also is a theory.....
    Basically man is useless....Human brain needs some Time pass .....
    So everything is just bull shit.....

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  31. "yes abhijeet.. it is faith.. am fed up of people calling faith in God as blind faith.. i want them to know that their faith in science is blind.."

    Clearly shows the motivation behind the post, but I liked it nevertheless. As you, I'm sure, understand that there are two sides to every coin, why not just read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. Just see the arguments he makes as well; not meant at changing your faith though..

  32. There is only one God. He wears a cap and sings in two distinct voices. And I was not allowed to watch him becuase I fell short of 7 disciples... So I am frustu

  33. I know it's pretty late to comment but nevertheless, I was watching this movie 'Inherit the wind' which reminded me that you had written something about busting myth of evolution and spurred me.

    As you know, science evolves (pun unintended :D), while god theory remains constant. I don't think people should have faith for the sake of it in anything (science / religion). Everything has got to have a reason.

    Sadly, I have not studied evolution in deep so I cannot argue with you about it. But from I know about it, Darwin's theory does give a lee-way to God. It is possible that it was God who initiated the life in the way Miller's experiment says. You can still have faith in God only some minor details are changed. Everybody goes home happy.