Thursday, June 05, 2008

My future

Where do I see myself 20 yrs frm now.. Well I hope 2 c myself in many places besides the mirror in my bedroom.. (:P) Well I wanna graduate frm MIT n then become an astronaut wid NASA n see the earth frm a 100 miles above!!! But wat after dat?? Please don choke on ur coffee or fall of frm ur chair wen u read d next sentence.. I want to be a prof at BITS-Pilani… Goa Campus!!!

I always felt dat engineers who don get a decent job in d industry take to teaching..There r exceptions.. but dose r few n far apart.. And d result is, well, wat v hv in our colleges 2day.. So I feel I must b d change I want 2 c..

Wat kinda prof will Daniel be?? He will b the guy who absolutely detests formalities.. He will not be called Sir by d students.. Y not use ur first name?? He will have some entrance music played wen he enters d class.. (WWE style!!).. or rather a exit music in dis case as most students come 2 class 10 min late..3/4ths and sleeveless will b encouraged..( fr both boys n gals mind u..) All dose who sit on d 1st bench n try 2 lick d teachers will b punished by making them sit on d last bench wid d talkative students.. Videos of lectures will b put on LAN!!!

On a serious note, there many things I wanna change wid d current system.. Syllabus shud focus more on concepts then jus plain definitions n formulae.. all test shud b open book.. some tests shud also be answered in groups.. like how v hv some our assignments.. Also participation in national n international competitions will be encouraged.. Discussions on contemporary research n new inventions n discoveries will be held regularly.. Else v wonder y r v studying things discovered decades or centuries ago..

So here goes.. Get ready to welcome Prof Daniel at BPGC!!!! the future HOD of mech dept!!